Why Green Carpet Cleaning?

Protecting the Indoor Environment

Green Carpet CleaningMost of the conventional cleaning products on the market are petroleum based and have dubious health and environmental implications. Petroleum based chemicals are being found to cause significant attritional effects to the nervous system and immune system after prolonged exposure. Illnesses identified in medical research include:

•Immune System Weakening
•Adult and Child Cancers
•Neurological Disorders
•Autoimmune Disorders
•Child Behavior Disorders

Protecting the Outdoor Environment

The dumping of carpet cleaning wastewater onto the street, into the storm drain or onto open ground is environmentally unacceptable. We live in a time of increased awareness of how our actions affect the environment. We are conscious of “chemicals” in our everyday lives and even the average citizen has become a self-appointed ecology cop. A whole raft of “departments” from Fish & Game to Environment Protection is showing more and more concern over these activities.

The Solution

Methods exist that insure for safety and responsible disposal, but most carpet cleaners don’t adhere to these methods because the time and effort just doesn’t make financial sense. The real solution lies in the products themselves. We now have effective cleaning agents that are 100% biodegradable and hypoallergenic. The wastewater can be easily disposed with minimal effects on our health and the environment.

Green Seal Certified Products

How do you know that the cleaning agent is actually safe? The answer is simple: Make sure it has the Green Seal approval. It says that a product or service has been tested according to science-based procedures, that it works as well or better than others in its class, and that it has been evaluated without bias or conflict of interest. The “Green Seal of Approval” has come to stand for reliability, fairness, and integrity.

Green Seal is one of the most respected non-profit organizations in the US. It is dedicated to protecting the environment by partnering with manufacturers and transforming the marketplace.