There’s a lot of good information here. I’ve been making my own home made dog food for quite some time, and I know there are varying opinions on the status of the bones being left in, or being taken out, and I’m glad that the issue has been addressed. I would be concerned though that it would still be dangerous from smaller dogs, and personally I de-bone anything that I make for my pooches. I would also like to see a little more substance to the stew. Maybe some filler? Perhaps some rice or something like that could act as a filler for this home made food, but I wouldn’t want to do too much because we don’t want to over dose them on the carbohydrates. I think overall though, this is a great recipe for beginners, and is much healthier than most store bought foods, just use caution, and do your research before making a complete switch when it comes to your dog’s dietary needs.

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