How To Make Dog Ice Cream -VIDEO –

Dogs have been man’s pet. Dogs varies greatly from breed to breed. My own dog is beagle, as long as you feed and water them properly and try not to let them get too fat, they thrive. In this video they explained about the dog ice cream recipe. How to make homemade Frosty paws(Dog ice cream).Frosty paws are a frozen treat for dogs created in 1970s by an ohio state professor of animal science. paws have a yogurt base that contains less lactase than ice cream, so your dog can tolerate better. paws treat are to your pooch, they must be cost prohibitive if you are in your budget. Banana, yogurt, peanut butter, honey, ice cube trays or muffin tins. It is very easy home made recipe. Place the banana in a food processor. And plain yogurt, scoop of peanut butter and honey into mix. pour small amount into the cups,muffin tins or in plastic container. Fill an ice cube tray with the concoction to create handy bite-size pieces you can give to your dog when a regular-size frozen treat is too much. Freeze the treats, then put them in a freezer bag for easy storage. videos of dogs tell you how each breed will behave, good things. I would like to have this dog. dogs have little stamina and require far less exercise than you might think. A fenced yard for short sprints is ideal, but greyhounds are fine as apartment dogs as long as they get a long walk every day or two (once they build up the stamina for a long walk). Most greyhounds adore other greyhounds, and many are fine with cats and other dogs. If you get this dog, it will love you for life. They can be very active, and as far as I’ve seen on vet websites, they do not have very many health problems. so friendly and has never hurt any one or any other dogs.

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