Dog Doesn’t Want Kitty In The House

Well done video about a dog and his owner who goes to the pet store. The dog really wanted a kitty. His owner said he went to he pet store to get a kitty but then teases the dog saying he looked at all the other animals first, a hamster, turtle, etc. He then mentions going to the shelter to get a kitty but then went back to mentioning all the other pets in the pet store. This video was well done. The dog was well trained. Every time the owner said I went to the pet store to get a kitty, the dog got excited. It was like the dog truly understand the owner. He got excited at the mention of a kitty then did looked frustrated when the owner mentioned another animal. The dogs voice fit the dog. He was similar to an excited child wanting a pet kitty. The dog was animated and the words fit the dogs expressions and excitement. It was like the dog and the human were having a real conversation. Was truly well done and enjoyable especially when he hears the kitty meow and they go to the see the kitty.

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