A Poem From A Shelter Dog

Source: Uploaded by user via Cheri on Pinterest I must say this almost made me cry. Almost ten years ago I walked into an animal shelter in Colorado. Jasper now Dakota was going to be euthanized later that day. His kennel card read he was aggressive with dogs and cats, was not good with children, […] Read more »

A Peaceful Dog

  Source: Uploaded by user via DjMelodie on Pinterest   If you wake up and don’t want to smile, If it takes just a little while, Open your eyes and look at ME, You’ll see things in a different way. Don’t stop, thinking about tomorrow, Think about today and how you love me, It’ll be […] Read more »

A Group Effort To Save Ralph the Dog

The video begins with the dogs being let out of the van, and getting some much needed R&R time at the park. They are allowed to walk around the grass, and indulge in the attention they receive from the rescue shelter volunteers. One dog especially enjoys getting his stomach and chin scratched while rolling around […] Read more »

Dog Eat Dog World

Source: photos.ellen.warnerbros.com via Ellen DeGeneres on Pinterest   It looks like someone had a good time while his owners were away. He tore apart the whole cupboard as well finished his food and water in his own bowl. I have a feeling he will be taking a long nap pretty shortly after a busy time […] Read more »

In The Heart Of A Dog

This is a video compilation of the best dog videos that were filmed in 2013. It contains various scenes of dogs playing and interacting with humans, other dogs, and sometimes other animals. There are lots of very fun scenes involving hilarious moments with dogs. It is a very interesting video that has lots of heart […] Read more »


The article’s topic is 12 new discoveries surrounding the brains of dogs. Scientists have been working a lot to further understand the brain of dogs and the article lists the most recent things scientists have learned about dogs. It also includes pictures for each one. For more info go to http://www.pawnation.com/2013/03/11/12-new-dog-discoveries/ Read more »

To Bite or not to Bite: Teaching Puppies to Bite Safely

This article is written for an animal blog. The topic in particular of this article is about how dogs bite. The author says that, in general, biting from a dog is bad. But, that’s not to say that one shouldn’t encourage good biting, also known as safe biting. This will teach the dog the difference […] Read more »

Puppy Class And Biting, Mouthing Puppies

This article is written for an animal blog. This particular post focuses on dogs. The topic in question is how dogs bite when they’re mouthing. The author seems to be making the case for puppy classes, which are educational courses for young dogs, as to make them behave better and provide them a pathway to […] Read more »

How Laser Therapy Works On Dogs

We mostly think of laser surgery as a remedy for human problems. But there are laser treatments that can aid pets, too. K Laser Class IV Therapy Laser is an outpatient non-invasive technique that can be used on any dog. The advanced technique results in increased circulation in the dog’s body, which relieves pain and […] Read more »

3 Dog Training Secrets

Most people treat their dogs like they are part of the family. Dogs are often loyal and loving pets. You don’t have to be an expert to teach your dog a few tricks. Training your dog is easy by following a few simple tips. Start By Exercising Your Dog Before you start a training session, […] Read more »