Hero Dogs – Find Kids & Alzheimer Patient

Great story of a hero dogs! I love the dog story of the dog that found the kid that was outside all night and the dog stayed with her and cuddled with the kid all night so she would survive. I loved the dog that saved the owner from getting attacked by a human and […] Read more »

A Tribute To Canines – Great Video

Having dogs at home as only a means of security is the last thing a person should do. You must get very intimate with them to know how much they reciprocate their love in every possible manner. No matter what kind of mood you’re in, they’re prepared to share your feelings and make it a […] Read more »

How to Get Your Dog To Fetch A Beer -Video How-To

This is a how-to video on how to teach your dog how to get a beer from the refrigerator. I think it’s very clever and what a way to show off to your friends if they come over and you say “hey, fido grab me a beer” … From watching this video it seems easier […] Read more »

Dog Sleep Walking – Funny Video

Poor dog has a sleeping walking problem. Did you know that they make helmets for dogs that have sleep walking issues? It’s just like humans and it’s something that is hard or you may never be able to control. Sleep walking is just hard for anyone to go through and being a dog would be […] Read more »

Dog Raids Refrigerator !!! Caught On Video

In this video a dog opens the freezer and starts taking everything out of it, at first it looks like he is going for something specific because he removes the shelf but then just goes for it all. My dog is very similar, you could hide everything and take it off the counter and he […] Read more »

Woman Finds Her Dog Buried Alive In Tornado Remains

Woman finds her dog buried alive in Oklahoma tornado and while woman was giving her interview to CBS news she finds her dog in the rubble alive! Great story…and so happy she found her dog. The woman is crying from the discovery. I would have been a wreck if this was me. I would have […] Read more »

DOG Saved From Being Chained Up For 10 Years

This dog was chained up for 10 years. She didn’t even have a blanket, toy, or bone. Sometimes the dog didn’t even have food or water. Neighbours said that her owners urinated on her from the porch. This is an amazing story that almost made me cry. Some people make me so angry! This is […] Read more »

80 Seconds of Ridiculous Rottweiler Puppies – GET UR FIX

Rottweiler puppies can be very adorable, and just watching them in their natural state can bring a lot of joy to those who love dogs and puppies. The Rottweiler’s are shown jumping around and climbing things, and all of them are full of energy and charisma. The owners even allow the puppies to get up […] Read more »


There’s a lot of good information here. I’ve been making my own home made dog food for quite some time, and I know there are varying opinions on the status of the bones being left in, or being taken out, and I’m glad that the issue has been addressed. I would be concerned though that […] Read more »

How To Make Dog Ice Cream -VIDEO –

Dogs have been man’s pet. Dogs varies greatly from breed to breed. My own dog is beagle, as long as you feed and water them properly and try not to let them get too fat, they thrive. In this video they explained about the dog ice cream recipe. How to make homemade Frosty paws(Dog ice […] Read more »