Sleep Walking Dogs – FUNNY VIDEO

This is a funny video of a dog sleeping and then dreaming and then is sleep walking? But he directly runs into the wall! Very cute and funny. I know that dogs dream just like us and recent studies have actually proven they go in REM sleep and have lots of brain activity just like […] Read more »

The Best Videos Of Babies and Dogs Talking ! Too Funny!

I love how the child in the very beginning is just having this long and heartfelt conversation with this dog and the dog just looks almost bored of him. Too funny! The golden retriever and the baby was one of the most wonderful and most adorable thing I have ever seen! i love a baby […] Read more »

Great Video About SHELTER Dogs – Almost Cried!

I’ve adopted three shelter dogs now. My first passed away last year and he was amazing. He was 16 years old and I had him for ten years. He was found as a stray with cigarette burns all over his body and was afraid I was going to hurt him for awhile. We went through […] Read more »

Dog Welcomes Home An Army Vet – Great Video!

Gracie spots her army dad back from Afghanistan and she races to give him a hug. So, cute! The dog looks so happy and excited to see him. She just whines and whines like theres no tomorrow! I love this video it is so adorable and great that this dog cares so much for the […] Read more »

Dog & His Owner Saves 2 Little Girls – Video

Great story! A dog and his owner saves a couple kids from a cold river. They went through the ice and the dog and his owner fought through the snow and got to the kids and saved them as they were hanging onto the edge. Rocky the 8 year old husky lab dived in and […] Read more »

Dog Enjoying The Swings In The Park – Funny Video

Cute Video of a dog swinging in the swings at the playground. Too cute! I couldn’t stop laughing. I can’t believe the dog is actually patient enough to sit in the swing and enjoy this. My dog would have went nuts and more than likely hurt herself getting out of the swing. Gosh I just […] Read more »

Puppies Playing – Cute Video

Adorable video of a couple of puppies howling, playing, and just being dogs. These puppies are adorable. I remember when I was a kid I received a puppy at christmas an he looked a lot like the blonde one in this video. I was so excited and overwhelmed with getting him as a gift. he […] Read more »

Dog Dreaming and Barking

Cute video of a dog dreaming and barking in her sleep. The dog seems to be dreaming of something good. Very cute dog that seems to be dreaming of barking at a dog or begging for food. Who knows what they dream about. I’d love for them to wake up and actually talk to you […] Read more »

Baby & Dog Cuddling – Cute Video!

Very cute video of a baby and a pit bull dog cuddling. I love how the song that is played is moon river. It made the video even better. It was cute when the dog actually put his arm around the baby. It’s amazing how much this dog loves this kid. The dog even kisses […] Read more »

Puppies VS Cats – Funny Video

Cute video of a bunch of puppies attempting to figure out the cat. They can’t seem to grasp what the cat is and this is just a cute and funny video. I laughed so hard at it. I love lab puppies they are adorable! This video was fun to watch. You must watch this it’s […] Read more »