Ten Fun and Easy Dog Tricks

In this article, it will give you Ten dog tricks that you can teach your dog. they are supposedly easy to teach and they are not the normal tricks lie sit, and stay. at the beginning of the article it mentions that teaching your dog these tricks helps to stimulate their mind and to keep […] Read more »

5 Easy Tricks To Teach Your Dog

If you’ve already taught your furry friend basic obedience commands such as “sit” and “stay,” you may be interested in extending your dog training activities by teaching your dog to do some fun tricks. Not only with this provide you and your canine companion with activities that you can do together, it will increase the […] Read more »

Showing Pack Leadership in Dog Training

Cesar’s way of showing pack leadership in dog training. A dog is like a child and is always watching and learning from you. It goes on to say that your dog can feel how you feel and may react accordingly. It also touches on the fact that your confidence is important for your dog to […] Read more »