5 Easy Tricks To Teach Your Dog

Dog With Tennis BallIf you’ve already taught your furry friend basic obedience commands such as “sit” and “stay,” you may be interested in extending your dog training activities by teaching your dog to do some fun tricks. Not only with this provide you and your canine companion with activities that you can do together, it will increase the ability to communicate with one another. Following are five fun tricks that you can easily teach your dog.

1. Waving

This one is fairly easy to teach any dog because canine’s are naturally alert to the comings and goings of human beings and other creatures. Simply lift his paw to wave when someone leaves or enters the area while repeating the command “wave.” He’ll get the picture within a few short lessons.

2. Giving a Kiss

Teach your furry friend to give you or someone else a kiss by putting a dog treat on your cheek before issuing the command “kiss.” Be advised that those who most appreciate this trick are frequently children and that some adults may not wish to have a dog licking their face.

3. Speak

This is an old classic among dog tricks, and it also has a practical use: It’s an effective training method used by professionals to put an end to excessive barking when used in tandem with the command “quiet.” Most dogs learn this fairly quickly.

4. Back Up

This is another fun trick that has a useful side. Teaching your dog to back up on command will come in handy for those times when you want it to get its nose out of the refrigerator or take a step or to keep it from rushing out of an open door.

5. Play Dead

Another old favorite, this one is also easily learned by most canines. Dogs that have already learned to roll over can be taught this trick in a couple of days.

Keep in mind that using positive, treat-based training methods is most effective on our furry friends. They are naturally eager to please and don’t need to be subjected to harsh training methods.

Image courtesy of [Maggie Smith] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net